Plessa (Amygdalia) Emigrants – Spreadsheet (UPDATED 11-11-2017)

A few years back, Plessa (Amygdalia) had a website. Someone went through the United States Ellis Island records and pulled the names of 200+ villagers who came to America for work.  The website is gone, but I still have the spreadsheet and have uploaded a copy here.    Amygdalia-Plessa Variations Immigration

Plessa Ellis Island Lite

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In the intervening years, I’ve created my own spreadsheet and added much more content- the names of the ships, who they were traveling to, who they left behind. This is not completed, but  I have also uploaded the most current copy.  I will update it as it changes.

Copy dated 11-11-2017  AMYGDALIA IMMIGRANTS With Details PUBLIC

Plessa Detailed Ellis Island

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Last, don’t forget to check out the many different family names and variations.