When Greek Immigrants Were Welcomed

Greek immigrants have faced many hardships in America. From the attacks by the Klu Klux Klan, to the massacres by private militia during mining strikes to mob attacks in Nebraska,  the Greek American has faced racism, hatred and violence.

Greek Immigration – Reception, Racism and The Path To Whiteness (9-3-2017)

But it has not always been so. Here is a random collection of articles written during the brief periods when America welcomed refugees and immigrants, when we aspired to be true to our ideals and beliefs.  May we once day embrace them …and our fellow immigrants…..again.

Arranged in chronological order

Star Tribune, Sun Aug 20, 1916
The Minneapolis Star Jun 22, 1925


The Winona Daily News Tue Aug 7, 1951

Greeks In Minneapolis – Part 2 (10/22/2018)

After working on the railroads in the 1910s and 1920s, many Greeks settled in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Below are three newspaper articles written by or about some of the Greeks who settled in Minneapolis. You can download full size copiesĀ here

  1. James Demos (Dimitropulos/Nikolakopulos)
  2. Markos Janavaras
  3. Gus Spanos
James Demos 1955


Markos Janavaras, 1998

Gus Spanos, 1986