The Villages of Dorida, Fokidos, Greece (2-08-2021)

As you travel through your research, keep in mind that some towns in Greece have multiple names – the ones they had during the pre-liberation days and the ones after. Sometimes the names were not changed until the 1920s, long after our relatives came to the US so the older names may appear on their records. Sometimes the names are the same. 

Spelling variations also can make genealogy research confusing. Some of the variations listed below came from US documents.
Last, most of these villages are only a few miles from one another and easily reachable within a days walk. Since families sometimes moved when children married, keep this list handy because the person you are researching may have come from one  village and moved to another.
The villages are located in the “state” of Phocis or Fokidas (Φωκίδα). Fokidas is divided into two counties (or municipalities): the one we’re interested in is the western one called “Dorida” or “Doridos” or “Doris” or “Dore” (Δωρίδα).  Dorida is divided further into 4 smaller areas. The village of Plessa is located in the northernmost subdivision next to Lake Mornos: “Lidoriki” (Λιδωρίκι, older form: Λιδωρίκιον) .
On some official documents, no town is listed, so you need to keep an eye out for the “county” name. 
The “county” of Doridos inside Fokidas/Phocis
Our Family Town
Old Name:  Plessa (Plessas or Plessia or Plassa or Plesseau)  (Πλέσσα)  
New Name:  Amygdalia, Amigdalia, Amigdhala, Amegdala, Ameg Do, Amigdhalea, Amigdhalia, Amigdhaliá, Amigdhaléa, Amigdhála (Αμυγδαλιά)   
Towns to the North
Closest to Plessa (within 5 miles)
Vraila or Braila (Βραΐλα)
Malandríno is also known as Melandhrinon or Melandhrínon (Μαλανδρίνο)
Sotena, Sotaina (Sótaina) (Σώταινα)
Miléa is also known as Fangrianika, Milea, Militas (Μηλιά). It was formerly known as Kolosyrtis (Κολοσύρτης)
Further away (within 10 miles)
Avoros (Άβορος)
Doriko (new) or  Sevedhikos (Sevedhíkos) (old) (Δωρικό)
Egitio or Aigitio (Αιγίτιο)
Lévka is also known as Glaukos, Glavkos Potamos, Glawkos, Glávkos Potamós, Levka (η Λεύκα)
Lidoriki  Lidhorikion, Lidhoríkion, Lidoriki, Lidorikion, Lidoríki, Λιδορίκιον or Λιδωρίκι
Paleokastro, Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι)
Pentapoli (Πεντάπολη)
Stília is also known as Blantousia, Stilia, Stylia, Stília, Vlandousia, Vlandoúsia, Βλαντούσια, Στύλια or Στίλια
Strouza,  Straiza, Straíza, Stroúza (ΣΤΡΟΥΖΑ).  New name:  Aiyition, Aiyítio (Αιγιτιο)
Towns to the South (near the coast)
Vitrinitsa, Vitrinítsa (Βιτρινίτσα) (Old Name).
Tolofona, Tolofon, Tolofón  (Τολοφώνα) (New Name)
Erateini (Ερατεινή
Towns to the West
Penteoria (Πεντεόρια)
Vounichora (Βουνιχώρα)
Background: (prefecture) (municipality) (subdivision)