Remembering Evelyn Kamuchey (1929-2019)

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KAMUCHEY, Evelyn Irene Born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Nov. 15, 1929. Born to eternal life Austin,Texas May 10, 2019. Graduated Gallaudet Wash.D.C.. Teacher – Texas School for the Deaf. Active board member establishing LA VISTA Retirement Community Travis County for the Deaf. Donations to Gallaudet University. Austin Statesman, 2019

___________________________________””As the baby of the family,  I became everyone’s little monkey to pick up, hug and squeeze. We had a big wide rail rocking chair and big sister Evelyn use to pick me,  place me in her lap, rock away and sing “La-La-La-La” to me while I felt the vibrations of her body that soon rocked me to sleep in her loving arms. It was pure Bliss!

And while I was still very young at an age when I believed in Santa Claus,  big sister Evelyn dressed completely in a red Santa Claus suit,  white beard and all… shouting Ho-Ho-Ho as she came down the front hall stairs carrying a sack full of goodies to give out to all gathered around the Christmas tree.  My eyes and ears could not believe what I was experiencing… Santa Claus was REAL and he came to see us on Christmas morning.  Big sister Thelma and brother Peter did not lie to me that Christmas!  Santa Claus was for real ! Years later,  when Evelyn was so generous gifting to her family siblings,  I would call her Mrs. Santa Claus. 

And now as I wake each morning and go to my computer to read my email messages,  I will surely miss reading what my big sister Evelyn sent to me the night before.  We emailed each other two or three times every day of the week.  Those beautiful finger nails on her hands that typed so well during her early employment days at the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper company,  will not be sending messages to me anymore… the lucky stiffs up there have them now to see and enjoy for all eternity.  I’m sure our sister Marie will be quick to pick up on Evelyn’s arrival.  

~Love, Brother Bill”


“I remember aunt Evelyn and Anne Wallace  Coming to visit us on Ida Drive in Concord when I was a boy, approximately six years old (@1974). She wanted lemons from our tree and the only good ones at that time were very high up in the tree, so I climbed up the tree but was scratched from the sharp spikes on the branches. I was very upset at aunt Evelyn for asking me to get the lemons. I went up into the other tree, my crabapple tree and sat there for hours being mad about the injuries. I remember my mom enjoying  Evelyn’s company. I remember her and Anne looking fit, playing tennis frequently . She seemed very happy at that time in her life.

~Nephew Tim”


Source: Deaf Network, May 16, 2019